Organic Teff Flakes 750g

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Organic Teff Flakes 750g

Organic Teff Flakes

Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast

It’s time to add some teff to your breakfast! These delicious, nutritious, organic flakes are ideal for creating porridge or muesli; and with their high levels of calcium, iron, protein and fibre, they provide the perfect boost for your health. Simply use them in the exact way you would oat flakes.

Ancient Grain…Big Taste

Teff has ancient origins, and has been used in Africa for centuries. It’s celebrated not only for its health benefits, but as a delicious, gluten-free grain. Add to Plant milk to turn the flakes into a filling porridge, or simply mix with nuts, seeds and fruit for a wholesome home-made muesli.

Teffmeal/ flakes can be consumed as a porridge (with a dash of turmeric or honey) or as a ordinary cereal with cold Plant milk and dry fruits to taste.


100% teff grain roasted and flaked


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